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The Premium Valet Package.

The most complete conservatory valet we offer.

Commercial & domestic conservatories & orangeries valeted inside & out.





  • We valet the full frame work on the inside of your conservatory by hand using our specialist cleaner.
  • The frame is then polished to remove tough staining & discolouration.
  • The roof panels are cleaned & the glass is polished using a specialist glass polish to remove blemishes..
  • Any glass of windows are cleaned, polished & left smear free.
  • Handles are polished & any sticky remains are removed.
  • Internals of window frames & doors are cleaned & the rubber re-vulcanised to create a better seal.
  • On the outside all frame work, crestings & panels are cleaned & polished.
  • Gutters are cleared of any debris.
  • Side frame work, glass and windows are deep cleaned by hand.
  • Any blemishes are polished to remove or lessen the look of any that cant.
  • This leaves you with a much fresher & younger looking conservatory inside & out.


If you are interested in having our long term protection coating applied to your conservatory please ask us at the quotation stage. These coatings can usually take a full day to 2 days to apply depending on the age, access and size of your conservatory.


  • We specialise in only valeting & cleaning conservatories, orangeries & glass rooms.
  • We cover all U.K with no sub contractors or temp staff.
  • We have developed our own cleaninh chemicals that are safe for the family, pets & your conservatory.
  • Proud members of so our customers can leave honest feed back.
  • We have not failed to access any conservatory that we have come to clean.
  • Free over the phone, live chat or E-mailed quotations.



How & when do we pay?

Once the conservatory has been cleaned or valeted we will fill out your invoice, you can pay by CASH, BANK TRANSFER or POSTAL ORDER. If paying by CHEQUE this must be stated at the quotation stage as we no longer accept cheque as means of payment on the day.


Do we cover your area?

If you are in England yes we will cover your area if you choose an interior & exterior clean or our premium valet package.


Do we take a deposit upon booking?

No we do not take a deposit, we do ask that should the need to cancel or re-schedule an appointment you give us as much notice as possible, we reserve the right to charge upto 50% of the quote should you cancel on the day. If you require our services within the m25 we will add any incured charges such as congestion charges & parking charges to the invoice.


Does the weather effect us?

Rain, wind & sunshine does not affect our cleaning or our methods. If during winter months we experience frost & ice this can sometimes mean postponing an appointment due to ice on the roof of conservatories & in the gutters.


What needs to be cleared from the room?

Any orniments or fragile items within the conservatory and on the sills must be cleared, this is so breakages dont occur, any large items such as tables, soffas or book cases can stay in the room.


Do we use pressure washers? How are conservatories cleaned & valeted.

We forbid the use of pressure washers on conservatories, this is because they damage seals & can push debris further into the joints causing leaks. We clean mostly by hand using cloths & sponges with our specially formulated cleaning agents, access is made by using our conservatory ladder.



As conservatories can cost tens of thousands, why not get a regular maintenace clean?


With our flexible maintenace conservatory cleaning we can carry out this service yearly, 6 monthly or even 3 monthly covering just the outside, inside or both. We offer a discounted price for this service as we will keep your conservatory maintained with every clean.

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