Forest Edge Clean


Self contained petrol and diesel units allow us to provide a fast and efficient pressure washing service to both commercial and domestic customers at affordable prices.

We use flat surface cleaners for a less mess and more even clean. We also offer a SOFT WASH service, this is where we apply a chemical snd simply rinse away with tap pressure, This is great to use on roofs and is the supported method for most roofing material manufacturers.

Prices are from as little as £2.25 Per Square Meter. Mininum charge is £65.

Re sanding of block paving is included in the quotation and as part of the job.



  • Block paving
  • Concrete paving
  • Sandstone paving
  • Brick work
  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Gates
  • Foot paths
  • Car parks
  • Oil stain removal
  • Garages
  • Petrol stations
  • Forecourts



  • Sealing of paving
  • Re-sanding of block paving ( part of job )
  • Re-jointing of paving slabs
  • Oil stain treatment
  • Mould prevention

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Pressure washing and commonly known as power washing is a cleaning method that uses a pump to feed water at high pressures measured in PSI (pressure per square inch) through a pipe to a small tipped nozzel. These nozzles are specialy made to direst the water through a small hole with a cut to determine the shape and angle of the stream of water. Pressure washing is a very good way of cleaning as the majority of the time there is no need of other chemicals that risk the work being damaged used. We can recycle upto 50% of the pressure washing water by using our vacuum with the pressure washer tool, the water is then fed back to the van and fed through a filter membrane, back into the high pressure washing tank. this keeps both costs down but also make us more enviromentaly friendly. We have flat surface cleaners for both vertical and horizontal cleaning surfaces and also high pressure water brooms that we can use on most surfaces, extention poles allows us to reach upto 82feet from the ground to clean large biuldings and factories. We clean car parks, homes, care homes, and anything that can be pressure washed. We carry out pressure washing services in dorset, hampshire, surry and isle of wight. large commercial contracts we will cover the uk. We clean drives drive ways, paths, patios, walls and concrete. high pressure cleaning by forest edge cleaning is friendly, efficient and safe. we clean all sorts of projects by pressure washing.